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Intuitive Healing

Energy Healing is a complimentary healing modality which works on the concept of healing the energy body of an individual so that the physical body heals itself. Energy Body and Physical Body are connected and affect each other. Any changes in Energy Body can affect the Physical Body. Any Ailment in the Physical Body have their replica in the Energy Body.

The most amazing part of Energy Healing is that it can be used to heal a person who is physically far away from the practitioner (Distance Healing). This modality is very effective for people who cannot do therapy work and are not in the physical or mental state to take medication properly like acute depression. It is also very good to assist the speedy recovery of people who are in the hospital. Energy healing also helps to heal relationship issues, specially when one of the people in the relationship is not willing to put in the effort to change things. 

Benefits of Energy Healing are as follows:

  • Removes all negative energy

  • Balancing and grounding of the person

  • Cleansing and strengthening of the aura and chakra

      system of the person

  • Clearing blocked and stagnant energy and 

  • improving the flow of energy in all the energy

      bodies of the person

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