Kavita's 'Money Realignment' offers a holistic outlook towards money. It is created based on personal experience and that gets communicated in the n umerous techniques that I could learn through the course of it. One of the best aspects of this workshop is the healing space held by Kavita which allows many of our detrimental beliefs to surface, so that they can be dealt and transformed completely in a gentle and a non judgemental manner. It offered life changing insights about my own patterns with tools to deal with the same. It is a powerful, effective and a comprehensive workshop that deals with the concept of money at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level with equal importance. 

Aspects of Money Karma and Ancestral patterns regarding money which are usually unspoken, were explained in a very lucid manner by Kavita and her wide array of client experience makes these concepts easily comprehensible.  The importance of freedom in terms of time and money really helped me frame my aspirations better. Her insights helped me explore my own patterns independently as well l, just by being aware of myself through the tools learnt in this workshop. It has given me a big boost towards my creativity living a life full of abundance.

- Banker, Chennai 

I am very happy to have attended the Money realignment workshop conducted by Kavita Freedom during March-April, 2022. The program is well structured and gives new insights in the way we look at money & abundance. It also makes us understand the logic and science behind the Indian traditions, beliefs, and customs around money.  The Laws of Money, money energy realignment were a revelation and I have started following and imbibing these principles. Realization of my money beliefs that I carry and process of changing and overcoming old beliefs is something which will help me overcome my blocks & impediments. During the workshops the way Kavita incisively deduces amongst a diverse group and helps in realignment is amazing. There is possibly anything which goes unanswered by her which is commendable. She makes the workshop enjoyable with her impeccable sense of humor.

Correlation of Mind and matter or Mind and body in terms of our mental state and problems manifesting in the physical body was also a revelation to me which I learnt during the workshop and how to balance yin and yang energy is very helpful and effective. The aspect of meditation for Money Karma was a novel concept for me. I am still a novice at it and am hoping that I will gain immensely from it. Kavita’s patient ways of helping us through the process of meditation is nice, pleasant and easy to follow. 

I was excited to attend this workshop and am charged up to continue the process of changing Money Karma by having the correct emotions, correct thinking, correct energy for abundance. I would recommend that people who want to understand the correct way to live life and have abundance should attend this workshop.

- Entrepreneur and Businessman, Bengaluru 

I was diagnosed with blood clot issues in my stomach and liver. I had to undergo endoscopy and doctor suggested medication and some surgical procedures. That's when I approached Kavita and I took therapies  to heal my issues with blood relations. I also was having trauma and fears associated with the clots. But after taking therapies I saw a significant improvement and was also able to address my fears. Currently I am not taking any medication and have no fears about it. Other than these there are also lot of other emotional issues which Kavita was able to address.

- IT Professional, Pune 

Kavita is a terrific Counselor, healer and therapist.  I accidentally came across strange condition with my left kidney, apparently a huge stone of about 2.3 cm was blocking the ureter. After consulting few doctors, it was concluded that I have had this situation for few years now and it will not be possible to remove the stone, instead the only option would be to remove kidney. I came across Kavita through her presentation and was very impressed, eventually we connected and started therapy. To make it short I recently found that the stone had actually moved all the way to the lower part of ureter And stone size reduced to 1.1 cm already. Couple of doctors are still surprised that how did it move, they don't think it can move. With Kavita's therapy and healing, I have seen the amazing results with stone. 

Also when I started with Kavita, had another issue with my right shoulder. Was already on physical therapy and my doctor had narrowed down to a muscular tear or frozen shoulder. Apparently after couple of sessions with Kavita, she recommended I do a therapy with her for shoulder too, at first I was not convinced. However reluctantly I agreed to give it a try, and to my surprise during the session itself my shoulder was 70% recovered and within next couple of days I was able to move my hand completely. The journey was difficult but with Kavita being available, it made it much easier to walk through. And she being very responsive for any difficult conditions that I faced, helped my journey more smoother. My family and I are very amazed to see the results so far and extremely happy with Kavita's therapy and healings. With her all round expertise, I would rather call her Dr Kavita.

- IT Professional, New Jersey, U.S.A 

I took therapy from Kavita for a few months to overcome depression issues that no amount of affirmations, Internet tips, meditation apps and psychology books had helped with. It was through these sessions that I realised the extent of my childhood trauma, how it was affecting my present life without my knowledge, and most importantly, how to HEAL them. Apart from that, I also learnt a lot of tools to help me cope with day to day life and to protect my mental health at all times. Kavita is an extremely intuitive therapist and has helped me understand myself better than I did before I met her. She has been instrumental in my healing journey and I will be forever grateful for her knowledge and guidance. My depression medicine and mood stabilizer have been reduced to half by my doctor.

- Freelancer, Immigration Consultant, Mumbai 

Testimonial for thyroid problem :- 
Yes got rid of thyroid with the help of Kavita she is an amazing therapist and healer. My thyroid was say around 5-6 and the doctor prescribed me dosage of 37.5mg of Thyronorm and my thyroid was hypothyroid. With the therapy sessions with Kavita my dosage was reduced to 12.5mg. Also I didn’t gain weight which was simply amazing because in this kind of thyroid first change comes in body is weight gain so all thanks to Kavita. She is awesome 

Testimonial for endometriosis:- 
Here I would like to start as does miracles happen? Then I would say yes... with the help of. Kavita’s healing therapy "Miracles do happen" . I would like to start right from beginning, one day massive bleeding started as my periods were gone I was like how come so much bleeding is there that too after 2 yrs when I approached gynaecologist and after all checkup and reports done, it was concluded that my uterus wall is thickened by 21mm, which is 3 times the original size and gynaecologist said that u must remove the uterus as it may give rise to cyst which is dangerous and I was like zapped and from inside was crying for not to remove uterus but according to reports and suggestion of family members decided to operate and remove uterus. I informed my sister abt the operation and she reminded me that why you are not taking a therapy from Kavita and I talked with her took therapy sessions from her. After 3 months when I did the reports my wall was in the original size from 21 to 9 mm and it was like OMG this is amazing and from that day till today I have not visited gynaecologist. I mean truly Kavita is awesome healer and therapist ;  I mean no words 🥰luv you Kavita.

- Homemaker, Rajkot, India