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Regression Therapy Testimonials

I’ve been doing therapy with Kavita aunty for quite a few years now and it has been a journey, a process of learning and unlearning. 
We’ve been working on understanding and removing my old toxic beliefs; carried on from so many lifetimes and creating new healthy belief system that would resonate with me and not against my own self. 

And it has been great, from removing physical ailments like stomach infections to even eliminating numbers from eyesight completely, it helped me see things clearly. 
I am being more aware of my triggers and staying more grounded. Each day is a process of understanding or I’d rather say finding the me that I really am. 
Thank you so much Kavita aunty for everything. I am truly grateful 🙏✨


- Artist, Mumbai 

My healing journey with Kavita began in 2013 when I first attended heal your life workshop conducted by her. I had already undergone a few surgeries. But  the root cause of my problems was fear and anxiety which I realised in my therapy sessions with Kavita. I am really blessed to have met Kavita who has helped me rise above my fears and anxiety.
I would also like to mention about my daughter who suddenly got psoriasis during the pandemic times. We consulted many doctors My daughter underwent therapy sessions with Kavita which helped in healing her. Today she is completely free from psoriasis. No amount of words are enough to express my gratitude to you Kavita.
It's really difficult for me to express in words how you transformed my life.

- Home maker, Pune 

I am an 18 year old student from Frankfurt, Germany and for the past year I personally have been dealing with severe stress issues that started to affect my physical and mental health as well as my relationship with my family. 
My mental state development such badly that I couldn’t enjoy life and was in a state of constant worry and tiredness. I lost my period and developed multiple physical illnesses such has thyroid and diabetic issues all at the unripe age of 18. I’ve been in therapy before, however it never dealt with my problems to the core like Kavita does. Through family therapy we could work countless ingrown issues, we never thought would face the surface. My thyroid reports are better than ever and my period is regular. 

Kavita knows how to communicate with every type of person and I am so grateful to have sorted my problems with her.


 - Student, Frankfurt, Germany 

I have been doing therapy and healing with Kavita for the last 4 and half months and the experience is completely worth it. I was suffering from depression, anxiety attacks, low self-esteem and many more things. In therapy I gained wisdom, got back my energies and yes, those anxiety attacks and depression are full gone. I am so happy. If I compare my energy back then and now, there is a hell and heaven difference. My energies and vibes are more positive now. I feel more content, relaxed, happy and confident. I know I am already back to my real self again. I am so thankful to God that he has made me meet Kavita.

I will 200 percent recommend her. 


- Software Professional, Kolkata 

I had the opportunity to experience her professional and intense therapy work. Kavita ma'am creates the safe ambience to open up and share our thoughts. Tapping into hidden emotions that we generally mask away in our own convenience, is something that she does no intuitively and with raw honesty. So much to learn from her workshops. Her sessions are very valuable, address the inner issue and help us shift our perspective and overcome emotional blocks.

- Freelance Content Writer, Chennai 

I took therapy from Kavita for a few months to overcome depression issues that no amount of affirmations, Internet tips, meditation apps and psychology books had helped with. It was through these sessions that I realised the extent of my childhood trauma, how it was affecting my present life without my knowledge, and most importantly, how to HEAL them. Apart from that, I also learnt a lot of tools to help me cope with day to day life and to protect my mental health at all times. Kavita is an extremely intuitive therapist and has helped me understand myself better than I did before I met her. She has been instrumental in my healing journey and I will be forever grateful for her knowledge and guidance. My depression medicine and mood stabilizer have been reduced to half by my doctor.

- Freelancer, Immigration Consultant, Mumbai 


















- Banker and Investment Consultant, Chennai 


Therapies with Kavita has been a wild ride. I got to know myself and my past in a loving and healthy way, peeling back layers I didn't know existed. Back in the day, I was stuck with addictions, couldn't sleep, had no clue about life, and was in a dark place with depression and debts.

But something amazing happened around our third session—I beat my addiction. It was like magic, seriously, I couldn't believe it. Now, there's no addiction, no more depression, I'm actually looking forward to work, and those Monday blues? Gone.

Kavita helped me understand the whole energy world thing, and my life got a thousand times better. She's a terrific therapist who never gave up on me. Her support and care are non-stop, and she knows her stuff inside out. Honestly, she believed in me even more than I did. Thanks, Kavita, for making a real difference.

- IT Professional, Pune 


I had a bunch of issues going on. My self-confidence was down the drain, I pretty much hated myself, didn't trust myself anymore, and my health was a mess with problems like ovarian cysts, incontinence, and a weight gain. I tried a bunch of therapies, and they did wonders. I learned to stand up for myself, started actually liking who I am, and my confidence came back, changing my life for the better. It's crazy, but in just one session, my incontinence got better when I found my boundaries and territory again. No more meds for something that's supposed to be incurable. 

Even my kids took a few therapy sessions, and it made a real difference in their personalities and health too. Kavita's an amazing therapist and a genuinely good person. Honestly, where I'm at today is thanks to her. I've recommended her to so many people because she's just that good at what she does.

- Homemaker, Pune 

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