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Bowen Therapy Testimonials

I was having lower back spine issue due to slip disc. It got aggravated due to probably due to car driving out of station. I was not able to get up from bed, unable to move my back, unable to stand, walk. Was in severe pain. By God's grace I got connected with Kavita ma'am. My wife's colleague told about her. Kavita ma'am agreed to come to my place for giving sessions once a week. It went for 3 months. During this time I got lot of relief and I could do my daily routine and office work. Back was 70-80℅ better. Then after a gap of 3 months I restarted the sessions going at Kavita ma'am place as I could drive now. I again took weekly sessions for 2 months. My back is now 90℅ better. In a span of 6-8 months I could see my condition from unable to get up from bed to able to drive. It is miracle and divine. Kavita ma'am did this. I am so thankful to her. 

I will continue taking these sessions for maintenance and covering up the rest 5-10℅.I recommend everyone to Kavita ma'am who wants to cure their back. 
All the best.

 - Financial Services Professional, Pune, India



I first met Kavita in July 2014 when I was going through a tough time. My slipped disc and sciatica were troubling me and I was in great pain. The doctor had stopped medication saying only physiotherapy could now heal me. But PT was only adding to the pain and not helping in recovery. Thanks to Kavita I was out of this pain in just four sessions. Bowen has become a part of my life since then. Not only was my slipped disc and sciatica pain cured, but my earlier knee injury was healed too and my mobility greatly increased post these sessions. Now I visit Kavita once a month to ensure my aches and pains don't relapse. Kavita being a holistic healer also helps us in our overall healing. Her inputs on life, and mind - body relations are valuable and key to a better living for all those who seek help from her.

- VP, HDFC, Mumbai, India

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