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Intuitive Healing Testimonials

I took one month healing from Kavita ma'am for my 10 year old daughter. She use to get up at night with fear screaming and shouting, was emotionally imbalanced, was not being able to focus on her studies, was very low on energy and had indigestion problem. Since the healing she is studying well, her digestion has improved she is now not aggressive or suppressed but emotionally very balanced. She is a much more happy child. Most important she was drawing from the last 3 years. She now got opportunity in competition and is also making small drawings and selling them for 30rs to her friends. She has also found her passion in yoga and has already decided that she will pursue her career in this field. She has very good energy levels and is able to do everything very well.
Thank you so much Kavita ma'am for helping my daughter become a normal happy healthy child.

- Home maker, Ludhiana 

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