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Disclaimer / Cancellation Policy

Please be aware that Counseling or Therapy Work are not a substitute for professional medical care by a qualified doctor or other health care professional. Any medical treatment that the client is undertaking should be continued as prior to the therapy and under consultation of a health care professional or a doctor. Always check with your doctor if you have any concerns about your condition or treatment. Clients are responsible for assessing the outcome of their treatment.

Please note that taking therapies are not intended to replace appropriate medical care where required. Nor are they intended to replace formal diagnosis and treatment by a qualified medical practitioner. In a case where the therapy sessions are being done for a physical ailment, it is mandatory to provide relevant medical diagnosis, medical records and test results before the sessions are booked.

All information shared between the client and the therapist is completely confidential. Although the therapist will be supportive and helpful as possible in all decision making and change processes, any resulting choices and changes made by the client do remain the personal and legal responsibility of the client.

During the course of the therapy sessions, any actions or growth work that have been told to the client to be done, are the responsibility of the client. It is imperative that this work is done as soon as possible by the client before the next appointments are taken as this work has an impact on the course of the direction of the therapy sessions. 

The client agrees to be authentic, truthful and honest about the information they share.

The fees for every session is paid in advance while booking the session. Once the appointment is booked, any changes to the appointment will have to be mutually agreed to by the client and the therapist. In case of a cancellation / rescheduling of appointment being done, 24 hours or less prior to the appointment, the fees paid for the session will be not be refunded or adjusted against future therapy sessions. For cancellations done where a refund is applicable, the same will be processed within 7 days of the notification of cancellation. 


Thank you

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