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Cord Cutting Workshop 

(Online Zoom Workshop)

Reclaim Your Energies on 6th August 2022 (Saturday) from 5.30pm to 10pm. 

Etheric cords are invisible strands of energy that connect you to other people, places, and things. These cords are not on your conscious level but exist at the subconscious and unconscious levels. Despite the fact that you cannot see or feel them with the naked eye, they still have the ability to greatly affect your life.

If you are behaving just like your father, mother or even your spouse and you don't like that, you could be having unhealthy cords with them. These kind of cords literally can change your personality. You will even pick up their diseases, habits, patterns etc., through these cords. You know it's not you, yet you have no control over it.

The answer to all these, is unhealthy cords that are attached to you. 

In this workshop you will learn....

  • What are cords

  • How to identify them

  • How to cut them

  • How to reorient unhealthy cords to more healthy ones

  • How to take your energies back and return what is not yours.

  • What is a silver cord

  • The result will be a more healthier you.

  • A more balanced you with your own energies free from unwanted energies.

Revisions help you go deeper and clear new energies in your space that you have not been able to clear.

Date : 6th August 2022(Saturday) 
Time : 5.30pm to 10pm with breaks
Venue : Zoom 

For registration call or message Kavita at 9890030732.

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Breaking the Patriarchal Ceiling


The topic for this Sunday's talk is Effective Communication  In a Patriarchal Setup


What does this mean?
We want to tell people in family how we feel or what is bothering us yet we can't out of fear of hurting someone.

How many us have labels that we want to shed of?

  • He is mama's boy

  • Daughter in law cannot be a daughter

  • Hen pecked husband

  • Girls can't be in aggressive sports.

  • Boys cannot cook


We live in a society which sometimes stifles us and even when we want to change something we are labelled, singled out.

Yet every change will brings its own challenges. 

This Sunday we will look into the fear and suppression in communication and how we can keep healthy boundaries without disturbing the family


On the  platform of Healclinic our aim is to come up with solutions for both men and women so that together they can walk hand in hand supporting each other not only changing their little world but also affecting the society as a whole.

Join us for this free awareness talk where you can open up and discuss your role in this changing society. 

Let's stop complaining and come together to achieve what we all want and that is beautiful relationships and a supportive society.

When:  24th July 2022
Time : 9pm to 10pm IST
Where: Zoom Online

Facilitator: Vishwast Kapoor and Deepti Arora

Interested in exploring this space, Whatsapp +91 8050003237 to register or register here.   

Watch this video to know more.