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Question and Answer Session For Awareness Around Various Ailments 

( Free Online Zoom Talk)

Kavita Freedom along with Deepti have an interesting conversation coming up for you on

30th November (Wednesday) at 9pm IST


Offer: FREE 20 min consultation with Kavita Freedom to discuss your personal issue and get an awareness around it. To avail the offer, attend and register on the link which will be given at the end of the Q n A session. 


You have been told regularly by your doctor's to reduce stress, take a vacation, sleep well, not over do, to not worry so much etc etc etc so that you can remain healthy.

Yet even when you do all the above and maybe even more why are we not healthy. Why do we have so many issues both physical and psychological??

You may be wondering what is going wrong? 

Come join us on Friday 30th November 2022 at 9pm for an open question and answer session and get answers to your various ailments

This session will not be recorded or put up on any social media platforms so do attend the live session and benefit from the offer too.


Click here to register for this talk.