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Heal Your Diseases Masterclass
Masterclass by Kavita Freedom to Heal Your Diseases whether it's physical or psychological.



I was in a loveless marriage. Everyday stress and fights were killing me. During a fight I had severe pain in my lower back moving into my legs. I was partially paralyzed on my left side.


I was rushed to the hospital. Scan showed a broken L4-L5 disc and i needed to be operated immediately. The doctor who was suppose to save me messed up my surgery and i came down with a CSF leak( fluid in the brain was leaking) which started a series of violent seizures leading to brain damage. Nothing could be done as there are no medicine for this condition.


I started working on healing myself and everything that caused my condition. Fast forward to today.

I am completely healed today. 
⭐No more seizures or  paralysis 
⭐No brain fluid leak or back pain
⭐No insulin resistance, 
⭐No blood pressure or thyroid 
⭐No tiredness and fatigue
⭐Financially independent and ended my marriage 
⭐I studied to become a therapist and healer so that I could help all those people who are not living their full life due to diseases, bad relationships, or any other issues.


Want to know how I got myself back on my feet? Want to know how I healed myself from so many health issues without a single medicine? 
Whether it is a physical disease or a psychological one everything can be healed.

Yes it's a big claim!!! 


Join me on Thursday 09 May 2024 at 09:00pm IST in my masterclass and get answers to your issues and how you can heal it


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