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Healing Diseases

Today we need to look at diseases in a different way. If traditional methods like medicines, surgeries, transplants were the real answers to heal a body the issues would not come back. neither would there be a variation in result meaning one comes out of the disease completely while another is still struggling with it. We need to go beyond our normal understanding of how to heal a disease, beyond just the symptoms of a disease.

Nothing happens in our body without a reason, everything our body does is to keep us alive. Behind every diseases is a very specific trauma, a long standing stress to which we have not found a solution, suppressed emotions and incomplete desires. Traditional medicine believes that every diseases is because of a virus or bacteria or a fungus, and the way to deal with it is the traditional methods of  medicines, surgery, etc.  But even for these parasites to get activated there has to be a trigger.


How many times  have you experienced that two people have shared a particular dish of food and one comes down with food poisoning and the other is absolutely fine. This is because the person who fell sick, there was something in his or her system mainly unhealed emotions and traumas that got kick started for that particular disease to come up.


Another example is, You have a very important presentation to make. You really push yourself physically emotionally and mentally to deliver the best. And once the presentation is over you are appreciated for your work, get a lot of good comments and you feel great about yourself. What happens next?? You and your body crash!!! Lot of body pain maybe even cold and fever. So what happened? Where you should be celebrating you are in bed sleeping away. Why did this happen? Well the body went through intense stress and once the job was over it went into a rest phase so that the body could heal from the stress that was initially created.

3 generations of people have diabetes from both the sides of the family and yet, you do not have diabetes. So if diseases are also genetic, why did your genes choose to not have diabetes. This also holds true for thyroid, high blood pressure and many other diseases, which are called lifestyle diseases or genetic diseases. 

Through my years of knowledge, research and expertise, I can help you to get to that switch which started this particular disease and diffuse that trigger which helps the disease to get healed. I make a customized healing plan for you so that you can heal from all diseases. This method has given excellent results in most of the diseases including the so called incurable diseases like hyper tension/ high blood pressure, diabetes, poly-cystic ovary syndrome (PCOS /PCOD), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), cancer and psychological disorders viz. anxiety, manic and depression, paranoia, bipolarity, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), bulimia, anorexia etc.

This method helps with :

  • Stress related diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure

  • Infections, pimples, acne

  • Psychological disorders like bi-polarity, depression,

       anxiety, bulimia, anorexia, etc. 

  • Women related issues like, infertility, painful periods,

       PCOD, vaginal infections, frigidity, etc.

  • Male related issues like premature ejaculation, erectile

       disfunction, etc.

  • Children related issues like ADD, ADHD, autism, etc.

  • Addictions of all kinds like alcoholism, sex addictions, eating disorders, etc. 

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