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Transpersonal Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression therapy is about going into a past life to see what happened in that life and get an understanding about it. Transpersonal Regression Therapy goes one step beyond by understanding the lesson you needed to learn in that life, understanding whether it was your soul's plan to have a life like that and if not, what happened differently. TRT goes into far more depth which not only heals the mind and body but also the soul. 

Transpersonal Regression therapy also helps by going into our past lives to see if we are carrying any decisions or programs of that life in the present life, which no longer help us, e.g. beliefs like "I don't deserve love", "I will never have enough money", "I will never be happy in my relationships". All these are very strong beliefs which we see getting played up in our current life but the roots of that are in our past life. 


Regression Therapy can help us find our talents, strengths and also help to understand karmic issues e.g. decision making ability, using power in the right way, focus and concentration, etc., which can be brought back from our past lives to help and support us in our current life. 


Karmic issues are issues which are just not getting resolved no matter what you have done at a practical and intellect level in your current life. It can show up as continuous failure in relationships, continuously making monetary losses, depression and anxiety, etc. can be easily resolved via TRT. 

It is very good for ancestral healing and to understand our life plan and life purpose. This therapy helps us to bring back our soul parts that we have lost across time, space and dimensions, because of the trauma or because of the energy entanglements with the people we were associated with.


Many a times the soul also chooses auto-immune diseases like arthritis, multiple sclerosis, or life threatening diseases like cancer, strokes, heart issues, etc. to learn a particular lesson which is necessary for its growth. TRT is very helpful in learning those lessons and healing from the diseases. When all this energy comes back, we are more grounded and feel whole and complete in our body and in our energies.

The areas that can be healed using regression therapy are as follows:

  • Lifetime of hangovers of tiredness, helplessness, boredom, etc.

  • Clearing unhealthy decisions that were made during

      deaths in previous lifetimes

  • Healing programs of past-lives that are creating issues

      in this lifetime

  • Clearing entity attachments

  • Healing inner child of present and past lives

  • Healing karmic issues with money, relationships and health

  • Ancestral Healing which may be causing generations

      of diseases or misfortunes

  • Healing curses, vows and promises

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