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Transformational Coaching

A transformational coach helps and supports clients to overcome any challenges that they are facing in their life. The coaching process consists of regular 1-on-1 consulting sessions, where the issue is first understood and then simple and  effective solutions are found to help the client move forward.

Coaching involves the following steps usually :

  1. Goal setting

  2. Roadmap and steps to reach the goal

  3. Roadmap and steps to eliminate / overcome obstacles coming in the way of accomplishing the goals

  4. Task accountability

  5. Finding the clients strengths, talents and skills

  6. Working on changing the mindset and much more...


The program is designed and customized as per the clients needs, keeping in mind their current state, their goals and their capabilities. This process is not only for business and career issues, but can also be used for personal growth such as getting out of the feeling of being stuck, overcoming negative belief systems viz. I am not good enough, for improving decision making skills, overcoming procrastination and fear of failure, etc. Coaching programs are very effective for people who need someone to talk to who can give them a very neutral and unbiased approach to their issue.

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