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Elemental Space Clearing

Space Clearing is an age-old tradition that has been handed down from generations to cleanse, honour, respect and invoke the energies of the physical space that we as people occupy during our day to day life. Everything is energy. The space where we live work everything. When the energies are clean and supporting our growth we experience abundance and progress in our life. A positive space adds to our peace with ourselves and everything around us, we have better relationships etc.

Elemental space clearing uses Crystals, Essential Oils and the four elements of Nature to clear out stagnant energy and bringing in a fresh and positive flow of energy that supports the people occupying the space, whether it is a home or any kind of work place. Space clearings are especially great when a beginning a new project, shifting into a new home / work space or an unexpected incident in the workplace or home and after a death or prolonged illness.

Rituals and prayers are done after connecting with the space to bring a more positive and supportive connection between the owner and the space.

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