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Meta Health Testimonials

I have been working with Kavita for many of my health issues. One of the issues that I was facing for long time was vaginal infection. I had been having this infection for more than 8 years. All the help that I got from medicines was temporary and the infection would come back once the medicines were over.
Once I started working with Kavita on my issue I was able to understand the conflict behind this infection. My body was using it as a defence to disconnect myself from people around me. Since I did not know how to create boundaries, my body was creating it through infection. The infection would keep me shut from the outside world.
Kavita worked with me and helped me understand and brought to my awareness that I don't need to create this infection to protect myself.
Once this understanding came in, the infection was gone. Its been about 8-10 months now and the infection hasn't come back .
Thank you Kavita. I express my gratitude for bringing in the awareness of self love and the importance of boundaries into my life.

 - Company Secretary, Pune 

I was detected with thyroid post abortion and went into post partum depression. I was adviced medicines. But I decided to take sessions instead. So I started taking sessions from Kavita.
After taking sessions and working on myself with Kavita I got to know that I never vented out my feelings out and kept it to myself which was choking me. Also I could not and didn't speak up in front of the authority figures even when they were traumatizing me were reasons behind my thyroid.  But today after working on myself I'm thyroid free and that too without medicines😊  Thanks to Kavita for helping me to come out of this thyroid problem.

- Supply Chain Management Professional, Pune 

I was diagnosed with blood clot issues in my stomach and liver. I had to undergo endoscopy and doctor suggested medication and some surgical procedures. That's when I approached Kavita and I took therapies to heal my issues with blood relations. I also was having trauma and fears associated with the clots. But after taking therapies I saw a significant improvement and was also able to address my fears. Currently I am not taking any medication and have no fears about it. Other than these there are also lot of other emotional issues which Kavita was able to address.

- IT Professional, Pune 

​Kavita is a terrific Counselor, healer and therapist.  I accidentally came across strange condition with my left kidney, apparently a huge stone of about 2.3 cm was blocking the ureter. After consulting few doctors, it was concluded that I have had this situation for few years now and it will not be possible to remove the stone, instead the only option would be to remove kidney. I came across Kavita through her presentation and was very impressed, eventually we connected and started therapy. To make it short I recently found that the stone had actually moved all the way to the lower part of ureter And stone size reduced to 1.1 cm already. Couple of doctors are still surprised that how did it move, they don't think it can move. With Kavita's therapy and healing, I have seen the amazing results with stone. 

Also when I started with Kavita, had another issue with my right shoulder. Was already on physical therapy and my doctor had narrowed down to a muscular tear or frozen shoulder. Apparently after couple of sessions with Kavita, she recommended I do a therapy with her for shoulder too, at first I was not convinced. However reluctantly I agreed to give it a try, and to my surprise during the session itself my shoulder was 70% recovered and within next couple of days I was able to move my hand completely. The journey was difficult but with Kavita being available, it made it much easier to walk through. And she being very responsive for any difficult conditions that I faced, helped my journey more smoother. My family and I are very amazed to see the results so far and extremely happy with Kavita's therapy and healings. With her all round expertise, I would rather call her Dr Kavita.

- IT Professional, New Jersey, U.S.A

Testimonial for thyroid problem :- 
Yes got rid of thyroid with the help of Kavita she is an amazing therapist and healer. My thyroid was say around 5-6 and the doctor prescribed me dosage of 37.5mg of Thyronorm and my thyroid was hypothyroid. With the therapy sessions with Kavita my dosage was reduced to 12.5mg. Also I didn’t gain weight which was simply amazing because in this kind of thyroid first change comes in body is weight gain so all thanks to Kavita. She is awesome 

Testimonial for endometriosis:- 
Here I would like to start as does miracles happen? Then I would say yes... with the help of. Kavita’s healing therapy "Miracles do happen" . I would like to start right from beginning, one day massive bleeding started as my periods were gone I was like how come so much bleeding is there that too after 2 yrs when I approached gynaecologist and after all checkup and reports done, it was concluded that my uterus wall is thickened by 21mm, which is 3 times the original size and gynaecologist said that u must remove the uterus as it may give rise to cyst which is dangerous and I was like zapped and from inside was crying for not to remove uterus but according to reports and suggestion of family members decided to operate and remove uterus. I informed my sister abt the operation and she reminded me that why you are not taking a therapy from Kavita and I talked with her took therapy sessions from her. After 3 months when I did the reports my wall was in the original size from 21 to 9 mm and it was like OMG this is amazing and from that day till today I have not visited gynaecologist. I mean truly Kavita is awesome healer and therapist ;  I mean no words 🥰luv you Kavita.

- Homemaker, Rajkot, India

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