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Attention Working Professionals and Business Owners

Heal your Chronic and Acute Diseases in 3 Months
An Exclusive masterclass on Decoding Your Health: Healing Beyond Symptoms!

Are you struggling with?

  • Dependency on medicines to keep you functional? 

  • Chronic aches and pains?

  • An endless loop of health issues?

  • Being fed-up as you have no answer for the root cause of your disease?

Which is causing

  • Constant fear of not missing your dose to avoid worsening or relapse of your symptoms.​

  • Fatigue and exhaustion, leaving you unable to do anything.

  • Continuous feelings of overwhelm, depression and anxiety

  • Feeling of being trapped and helpless, for not being able to change your situation.

I have helped countless individuals, like you, who were heavily dependent on medication. They have experienced phenomenal results using my method.

I would like to help you too. Presenting my exclusive masterclass 

Decoding Your Health: Healing Beyond Symptoms! 

 9 May 2024 at 09:00 p.m. IST (Online on Zoom).

Sign up for my masterclass & get a

45 min FREE 1:1 Consult with me to discuss your disease and its solution.

This Masterclass covers

Why does a disease occur:

Till now we knew that diseases are a result of viruses, bacteria or fungi or changing weather, allergies and now even food and sedentary lifestyle. Yet what causes all these to contribute to create something in your body which is uncomfortable? What if I told you that behind every illness is a specific emotional trauma which is the root cause of your diseases. Lets uncover that!


Why now:

You could have been living under stress for maybe a long part of your life, yet your disease came up now. If your body could deal with the stressors for so many years, why did it create the disease now?


Why me:

Today stressors and traumas are common in everybody's life and they affect everybody, yet everybody does not come down with the same diseases. Why did you come down with a particular disease and others who have similar stressors and traumas did not?

Hi, my name is Kavita Freedom and I am an Internationally Certified Life Coach, Therapist and Healer for more than 16 years. I have helped over 4000 people Heal Their Diseases whether they are lifestyle diseases (e.g. High BP, Thyroid), chronic diseases (e.g. Gastritis, Constipation, Eczema), autoimmune diseases (e.g. Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis) or mental health issues (e.g. Anxiety, Depression, Bi-polarity). My clients have been able to reduce their medication or avoid starting them and even avoid surgery as and where possible.


I believe the body has the ability to heal any disease, if the root cause is addressed. 

Here's why you should work with me?

 - You can heal yourself in 3 months.

 - You will see reduction in medications and symptoms within the first month.

 - No harmful side effects.

 - You will not need any dietary restrictions.

 - You can use simple tools and techniques that fit into your daily routine.

 - All you need is a working laptop/desktop and an internet connection. No special equipment needed.


 - Start enjoying your favourite foods and clothes.

 - Join countless others who have achieved profound results through my tried-and-tested methods.

Here's what a few of my clients' have to say

(for privacy reasons, all names have been changed)

Hi, I am Vishwesh and residing in New Zealand. Working with Kavita for the past two months has been a truly transformative experience. As an adult diagnosed with ADHD, I struggled to come to terms with it. I was caught in  severe mood swings, crippled by fear of moving forward, and trapped in a cycle of procrastination driven by the fear of failure.

The turning point came when my mother recommended Kavita to me, urging me to approach her techniques with an open mind. I'll admit, I was initially skeptical, but as I began the journey, I felt a profound shift within myself. Gradually, those mood swings became manageable, and I regained control over my emotions. I found the courage to proactively search for a job, no longer feeling helpless by my challenges.


Kavita's approach was unlike anything I had ever imagined. What struck me most was the profound sense of safety I felt with her. I could open up about my innermost thoughts without the fear of judgment or prejudice, an invaluable gift on my path to healing.


To anyone considering working with Kavita, my advice is simple: embrace the process with an open mind and wholehearted commitment. A diagnosis or a mental health label is just one facet of your life, but it often overshadows everything else. With Kavita's guidance, I was able to shed that label and rediscover my strengths, enabling me to live life on my terms.

- Psychologist, New Zealand 

- Law Enforcement Officer, Florida, United States of America 

Hi my name is Mrs. Mona and I am a homemaker now based out of Gurgaon. When I met Kavita, I was in a tough spot, almost losing hope and grappling with multiple sclerosis symptoms that were making my life a daily struggle.

Kavita was patient with me, guiding me through a journey of self-realization. She helped me connect the dots between my emotions and the physical symptoms I was experiencing. Thanks to her, I can now identify issues and heal many of my physical problems.

I used to struggle to walk for even 5 minutes without limping or tripping. Now, I can easily manage 5 to 6 kilometers and spend the whole day on my feet. Even my physiotherapist noticed a significant improvement in my movements.

I know there's more work ahead of me, but witnessing the results with Kavita gives me confidence that I can build a better life. She didn't just help me understand my body; she empowered me to take control and make positive changes. Kavita's guidance has been life-altering, and I'm incredibly grateful for the progress I've made under her care. Here's to a brighter future.

- Ex-VP, Pharmaceutical Company, Gurgaon, India 

I am Mohan and this is a short synopsis of my journey with Kavita. Therapies with Kavita has been a wild ride. I got to know myself and my past in a loving and healthy way, peeling back layers I didn't know existed. Back in the day, I was stuck with addictions, couldn't sleep, had no clue about life, and was in a dark place with depression and debts.

But something amazing happened around our third session—I beat my addiction. It was like magic, seriously, I couldn't believe it. Now, there's no addiction, no more depression, I'm actually looking forward to work, and those Monday blues? Gone.

Kavita helped me understand the whole energy world thing, and my life got a thousand times better. She's a terrific therapist who never gave up on me. Her support and care are non-stop, and she knows her stuff inside out. Honestly, she believed in me even more than I did. Thanks, Kavita, for making a real difference.

- IT Professional, Pune 


Hi my name is Lakshmi and I've been dealing with irregular periods due to PCOD for the past 12 years. My journey involved countless medications and even a laparoscopy of my ovaries in the quest for a solution. However, it wasn't until I crossed paths with Kavita in 2011 that I truly saw a glimmer of hope. At that time, I couldn't have a normal menstrual cycle without relying on medication.

Once I embarked on the path of therapy and healing with Kavita, my life took a turn for the better. Gradually, I started noticing remarkable improvements in my menstrual cycles. My periods began to arrive every 45 days, all without the need for medication. The therapy played a pivotal role in helping me heal from the emotional trauma caused by the various infertility treatments and procedures that had left me feeling drained as a woman.


As I released this trauma, a significant change took place in my body. The sonography reports began to show a considerable shrinkage in my once-bulky ovaries, and the cysts that had plagued me for years began to break down. With each subsequent session, my periods became more regularized. For the past three years, I have experienced regular monthly periods, something I had only dreamt of. Additionally, a persistent vaginal infection that had haunted me for years was finally cured.


I can't thank Kavita enough for her unwavering support, love, gentleness, and understanding throughout this incredible journey. I am filled with immense gratitude 🙏


 - Company Secretary, Pune 


Hello, I'm Ganga, and I want to share my journey of overcoming thyroid issues that arose following an abortion and led me into postpartum depression. The conventional advice was to rely on medications, but I made a different choice. Instead, I opted for sessions with Kavita.

As I embarked on this transformative journey with Kavita, I discovered profound insights about myself. I realized that I had been holding onto my feelings, never allowing them to surface, which had been suffocating me from within. Moreover, I had struggled to speak up, even in the face of authority figures who were causing me significant distress. These suppressed emotions and inability to assert myself were contributing factors to my thyroid condition.


Today, I'm thrilled to share that I have triumphed over thyroid issues, and I achieved this without the need for medications 😊. I owe immense gratitude to Kavita for guiding me through this process and helping me break free from the grip of thyroid problems.

  - Supply Chain Management Professional, Pune 

Let me begin by asking, do miracles really happen? Well, I can wholeheartedly say, yes, they do, and they happen through the incredible healing therapy of Kavita, aptly named "Miracles do happen."

My journey started with a sudden and massive bleeding episode, a stark contrast to the absence of my periods for two years. I was puzzled by the excessive bleeding, and when I sought the expertise of a gynecologist and went through a battery of tests, the diagnosis was startling. My uterus wall had thickened to a staggering 21mm, a condition known as Endometriosis, which was three times its original size. The gynecologist recommended the removal of my uterus, citing the potential dangers of cyst formation. I was stunned and torn between the medical reports and the emotional turmoil of losing my uterus.

In my moment of uncertainty, I confided in my sister about the impending operation. She reminded me of an alternative: Kavita's therapy. With a glimmer of hope, I reached out to Kavita and began therapy sessions. Three months later, I underwent a follow-up examination, and to my amazement, my uterine wall had miraculously shrunk from 21mm to a mere 9mm. Surgery was no longer necessary, and I was left in awe, exclaiming, "OMG, this is incredible!"

Since that day, I haven't needed to visit the gynecologist. Kavita is truly an exceptional healer and therapist, and no words can express my deep gratitude and admiration for her. 🥰 I cherish and appreciate you, Kavita.

- Homemaker, Rajkot, India 

I turned to therapy with Kavita after struggling with depression for months. Despite trying affirmations, countless internet tips, meditation apps, and reading psychology books, I couldn't find relief. It was during these therapy sessions that I had a profound realization about the depth of my childhood trauma and how it had silently shaped my present life. More importantly, I discovered the path to healing these wounds.

Throughout our time together, I acquired an arsenal of practical tools to navigate daily life and safeguard my mental well-being. Kavita's intuitive approach helped me unravel layers of myself that I hadn't understood before meeting her. She became a vital part of my healing journey, and I'll forever be indebted to her for her wisdom and guidance.

Remarkably, I've seen tangible improvements in my mental health. My depression medication and mood stabilizer, under my doctor's supervision, have been reduced by half. Kavita's therapy has truly been a life-changing experience for me, and I'm immensely grateful for the transformation it has brought about.

- Freelancer, Immigration Consultant, Mumbai

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You can achieve similar goals too.

Heal your Chronic and Acute Diseases in 3 Months 


Sign up for my exclusive masterclass &

get a 45 min FREE 1:1 Consult with me to discuss your disease and its solution.

Decoding Your Health: Healing Beyond Symptoms!

 9 May 2024 at 09:00 p.m. IST (Online on Zoom).

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