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Inner Child Trauma Healing

An inner child is that part of us that got traumatized due to various reasons like sexual abuse, dysfunctional families, violence in the family or addictions etc. and separated from us. Its like a lost child which could have been created right from the time of conception to our present state which could be even yesterday. A person can have multiple inner children and it can also be possible that a single trauma event can give rise to multiple inner-children (IC). When an IC gets created the child freezes in that moment and situation and keeps recreating it or living the same experience again and again. Its like having 5 year old living in a 50 year old body. Due to this as an adult you create multiple issues in all the areas of your life.

This has an impact on multiple areas in a person’s life, like health, relationships, wealth, career, etc. 
Inner Child Trauma Healing as a modality helps the adult to recognize and heal the IC so that you live your life fully and completely and not from the various separated parts of you. It not only improves your life in all the areas of your life but helps build a beautiful relationship with yourself where you are grounded balanced and centered as an adult.


The areas that can be healed are as follows:

  • Sexual abuse and its impacts

  • Fears, Phobias and Traumas of being in a

      dysfunctional family

  • Relationships with parents and yourself.

  • Helps in letting go decisions, patterns and

      beliefs that no longer work for you

  • Helps to understand and heal addictions,

      unreasonable behaviours

  • Helps you live your life as a happy adult rather

      than a confused child.

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