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Self-Help Workshops

Heal Your Life Workshop

This workshop is based on the philosophies of Louise Hay.

This a 2 day powerful workshop which heals you very deeply opening the doors of your heart for you so that you can learn to love yourself.

Most of us live a life that is designed by others. We are living beliefs and patterns that are not working for us. Negativity and overthinking seems to be a regular feature in our life. We play the victim role never taking charge of life. We feel stuck, suffocated yet are scared to change anything out of the fear of the unknown or even better "what will people say". All this does not allow us to be who we want to be or what we are suppose to be. This workshop helps you heal at the body, mind and emotions level so that you can create the life that you want.

What will you take home from this workshop?

  • What is loving yourself and how to do it.

  • It will help you get out of your stuck situation.

  • Improve your money and relationships.

  • You will understand how suppressed emotions create diseases.

  • How to manage anger and fear to be a healthier you.

  • How to let go of what doesn’t work for  you  whether its old beliefs,  patterns or people and allow the new to come in.

  • Using  affirmations, visualization and many other simple yet very effective methods to create a life of your dreams.


This workshop helps you understand what are boundaries and why are they so important. When we dont have healthy boundaries we are taken for granted, manipulated, feel angry and suppressed. Having good boundaries saves us from all of these situations. Most important you save a lot of your energy and are able to say a no without fear or guilt.


whenever two people interact energetic connection gets established between them. This connection is maintained by cords that run between two people, with emotions, situations, things and even spaces. Many times these become unhealthy specially after a conflict between people or when you cannot let go of a particular emotion or thing. How many times have you experienced that suddenly you remember your ex, you want throw away a dress but just cannot, you want to sell a car but it just wont get sold its because of cords attached with you.

In this workshop you will learn how to cut  these unhealthy cords , get your energies back, create new healthy cords.


The biggest issue in any form of relationship is the incorrect way of speaking and even worse we not listening to the other person. We use words that hurt, rake up the past, our emotions take over and a simple conversation turns into a debate and a conflict. This workshop will help you learn the correct way of communicating so that you have a conversation not a debate. it teaches you to listen effectively without getting emotionally driven.

Learn the one key to having a great relationship with one and all in this workshop.


Who doesn't like money and who doesn't want it?

Yet lot of us struggle with money. Either  we aren't making enough money, or we are not able to save money, or somehow our expenses are far more and no matter how much we earn its getting used up. Yet its important to remember that like everything else money is an energy. and how much money you make is entirely dependent on your belief system, your relationship with yourself and how you feel about money.

in this workshop you will heal the misalignment between you and money , heal your karma with money, heal all unwanted energies out of your money so that you can create your abundance.

21 days to loving yourself

No matter what the issue you have in your life the root cause is that you are not loving yourself. When we are constantly criticising ourself, comparing ourselves with others, putting ourself down no good can come in our life. Unfortunately we have learnt that only when you criticise yourself you improve or become better. yet its far from truth. Only loving yourself , supporting yourself and being there for yourself is what brings any positive change in your life.

This program will help you improve your relationship with yourself, your body, make peace with your past, feel excited about life and much more by just learning to love yourself.


This program is a niche program specifically for people who are serious to improve their life and are willing to put in the effort for it. It is spread over three months so that you not only learn to love yourself but eliminate everything that is coming in the way of you loving yourself. You will heal your childhood programming, heal being a victim, heal your emotions and much more. Since it is spread over three months you get time to implement what you have learnt and get personalised attention from your mentor as limited participants are taken.


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