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Angel Card Readings

Angel Cards are a divination tool. This means that they are a means of asking for guidance from the heavenly, gentle beings of pure love called Angels who love to assist us and make our life simple and easy. All we have to do is ask for help and they are ready to assist.

We are often faced with questions and sometimes we find ourselves stuck about why despite all our efforts, we are unable to achieve our goals or situations just don’t work out in our favor. At times like these, we do end up questioning ourselves, our motives about our actions, our very existence and why we are here. These questions tend to take us in a circle of more why's and how's without us really getting an answer. At other times, we just want to know what is happening in our lives and what is in store for us. Angels and Angel Cards can help with these situations by lovingly guiding us to what we need to know and nudge us on a path that leads to our highest good.

Angel cards give step by step guidance on how to move forward, what can be our blocks, what help can we recieve etc. The reader may choose a single card deck or use multiple card decks depending on their intuition.

Readings can be done for:

Finding the right career

Finding the right relationship

Finding career, abundance, relationship blocks.

Concerns regarding health

Finding your life purpose

and a lot more.

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