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Kavita Freedom

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It is often said that only those who have been through pain themselves can understand what other people go through. She was on her deathbed due to seizures caused due to cerebro-spinal fluid leaking in her spine and a broken L4-L5 disc. From having no answer to her disease to nurturing her hope and using her will to survive,  Kavita has come a long way from surviving to living to touching other people’s life with her work. She now helps other people find the life of their choice and their desire free from physical diseases, emotional baggage and mental stress.

If there is one person who matches the traits of being strong yet compassionate, who never gives up but knows when to let go, very loving warm hearted yet with strong boundaries, who stands up for what she believes in not only for herself but also  others and who has earned her respect not only as an exceptional therapist and workshop facilitator but also as a human being then it is Kavita Freedom.

An ace in her work with international certifications in different modalities under her sleeve she is a one stop solution for any issues you may be having.

Not only successful in helping people with cancer, depression and psychological disorders (anorexia, eating disorders, bulimia,anxiety, bipolarity etc) but helping people with relationship issues, empowering both men and women to find their true potential and shine their brightest and relieving people of all forms of abuse by working on their inner children. She can make a whole package for you that will suit you to deal with your issue in the best and most effective way right from body work, to healing to therapies.

She has worked on herself to heal her broken spinal disc and seizures and has become the person she is. Working through her emotions and healing everything that was coming in her way she has risen from being a victim to a winner. And she continues to do so as a firm believer that you have to keep working on yourself to be able to help others.

She is a certified practitioner of the following modalities and uses them to help create a change in the lives of her clients.



Self-Help Workshops

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Transformational  Coach

Inner Child Regression Therapy

Trans-personal Regression Therapy

Decoding Your Health

Bach Flower Remedies



Angel Card Reading

Elemental Space Clearings

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